Salon Art shopping !

いよいよ明日からSalon Art shoppingです。

10/20 VIP&メディア レセプション
場所はパリ・ルーヴル美術館地下 カルーゼル・デュ・ルーヴル
一般社団法人 ジャパンプロモーションさんのブースで3点展示&販売!

Good morning. Although only feelings are in Paris, real life has misfortune in the family and will be updated from official SNS until Sunday.
It is Salon Art shopping from tomorrow.

10/20 VIP & Media Reception
Public open from 10/21 to 10/22!
The location is underground carrousel du Louvre in Paris · Louvre museum
3 exhibits & selling at the booth of Japan Promotion Inc.!